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Why Are Black Animals Less Liked?

September 30, 2021

Why Are Black Animals Less Liked: The Suffering of Black Pets

For years, black pets have suffered the wrath of the prejudice of one thing- their fur color. Solely based on their fur color alone, they’ve been abused and abandoned.

However, the modern world has shed new light on the story as different events have been established to celebrate these beautiful animals with unique colors.

Some of these special days include the National Black Dog day ( 1 Oct), National Black Cat day (27 Oct), and International Black Cat Appreciation day ( 17 August).

Let’s find out more about why black pets face such a prejudice!

Why are black animals frowned upon?

There are different reasons several individuals do not want to associate with black animals.

   1. Ancient myths and folklores:

Different people and societies have different histories concerning their origins. In ancient Egypt, black cats were considered guardians of the underworld, while in the medieval period, it was associated with witchcraft.


Moreover, black animals, particularly black cats,  are associated with witches in ancient Greek mythology. The myth speaks of a  servant of Zeus who was trying to prevent the birth of Hercules but was caught. As a punishment for her sin, she was morphed into a cat. After that, she went to a witch and started working as her assistant. This association of black animals with witches at a time when witches were hunted and despised led to countless abuse and killings of black animals.

In addition,  several people believed that black animals are evil and could be used as an instrument to perpetrate evil.

   2. Troubles associated with the color black:

It is believed in several cultures that the black color connotes something negative. Precisely, black color usually is used to indicate something obnoxious. So, when some chance upon a black dog or cat, their mental configuration offers a negative interpretation.

In the Chinese language, the word black (黑 hei) is associated with bad luck, darkness, and illegal things. Black is believed it to represent sadness and destruction.

Due to the stigma associated with the black color, as well as the meanings people attach  to the color, the same is imposed upon black-colored animals. People begin to believe that black-colored animals pose a danger.

Some also believe that black fur is associated with aggression. So, when they see a black dog or cat, they irresistibly see them as violent and, as a result, frown at them.

Black animals were not always frowned upon

Although there have been superstitious beliefs that black animals are carriers of evil, some cultures believe otherwise. Here are some examples when black animals get the opposite treatment:

   1. Some cultures believe that black animals bring luck

   2. The ancient Egyptians took any harm to black cats seriously. In fact, it was regarded as a capital crime with heavy punishment. Egyptians believed that black cats brought good luck.

   3. In Scotland, people believe that a black dog showing up at your door means good luck.

   4. The Japanese believe that black cats are a sign of good luck and fortune.

Dangers of the evil perception of black animals

The worst part of superstition against black animals is that it may have serious consequences on them. Some of these dangers that may emanate from wrong perception include:

   1. Abuse of black animals: Seeing black animals as evil can result in several abuse cases such as beating, killing, or being left defenseless against danger.

   2. Misconception breeds further misinformation: The more people present a wrong conception to other people around them, the more it'll continue to spread. Misinformation can generate several negative actions.

   3. Black dogs and cats often last to get adopted: Due to the negative connotation attached to black dogs and cats, they are usually the ones who are left behind in animal shelters as they’re seen as undesirable as compared to other brighter colored pets.

Purpose of black animals related days

Popular dates such as 1 Oct (national black dog day), 27 Oct (national black cat day), and 17 August (International Black cat appreciation day) are considered unique for several reasons.  So, why should we celebrate these days?

   1. To  encourage the adoption of black or dark-furred animals by educating the public

   2. To serve as a means of defying the myths and debunking them

   3. “The first step to solving a problem is acknowledging that there is a problem.” Through these important dates, we’re able to get more people to acknowledge the misrepresentation of black animals as a problem. With more people understanding the issue, there is a higher likelihood that more want to step in. There’s also a higher chance that people in the pet industry would step up and solve this issue.

   4. These dates act as a platform for animal lovers to organize campaigns targeted at raising awareness for black pets to tackle myths and negative views of them.

How can we change this?

Here are some of the things we can do to fight against this problem:

   1. Advocate for black animals: Speak for the rights of black pets and let your social circle know that black pets are just as good as other colored pets.

   2. Stop the spread of misinformation and myths about black animals: The best way to stop misinformation from spreading around is to quit talking about it and educate those who are spreading the wrong information.

   3. Open your home to a black pet: The change should begin with you. If you’re looking to adopt, you can consider adopting a black dog, cat or rabbit. If you already have a lovely black pet,  be sure to shower it with the love it deserves!

   4. Stop differentiating between black and other colored animals: Understand that all animals are equal irrespective of the color of the fur they have.

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