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Vet reveals: Hip dysplasia, anxieties and more

May 25, 2021

The Vet's Second Reveal

Today, all PerroPet readers are in for a second REAL treat! We have especially worked together with a vet, Dr Sara Bay from Spring Veterinary Care, to answer some of your burning questions that we've gotten from you readers! Dr. Sara Bay has graduated from the University of Melbourne and started working in Singapore since then.

spring vet

Spring Veterinary Care

123 Hougang Ave 1, Block 123, 530123.

Answers By Dr Sara Bay BVSc (Melb)

Travel with your dog | Perropet, pet magazine

What should I be aware of, when I want to take my dog with me in a foreign country for holidays or if I move there completely? You will need to find out the import requirements of the country that you are planning to bring your dog to. There is a need to apply for an AVA export licence to bring your pet out of Singapore. A veterinary health check may be necessary.

Hip Dysplasia, cure, Singapore PerroPet

What are measurements to prevent hip dysplasia and what can we do to help him after it was diagnosed? Hip dysplasia is an inherited, age-related disorder with heritability factor depending on breed. Environmental factors such as growth rate, body weight and exercise can influence the severity of the joint instability. Measurements to prevent hip dysplasia can include weight management and provide joint support supplements. After diagnosis, it is important to follow medications that your veterinarian has prescribed. This can include anti-inflammatory and other joint modulating drugs. You can help your pet through physical therapies such as taking him for daily leash walking and swimming. These activities help to maintain the range of motion of the hip joint and aid in developing muscles to support the hip. Managing your pet's diet to ensure that he does not become overweight will definitely benefit your pet. Some pets may require surgical management of their condition.


Many dog parents have to leave their pooch alone for a long time because of work and other circumstances. What precautions should they take to deal with separation anxiety issues? As separation anxiety issues are often unknowingly encouraged by pet parents themselves, it is important to let your dog learn to be calm and quiet away from you. Remember that you should only reward the desired behaviour. Allow your dog to get used to being left alone for varying lengths of time instead of leaving them alone for a long duration immediately. If your pet already has separation anxiety issues, ensure that your home is safe for your pet while you are away. It will be helpful to speak to your veterinarian or behaviour trainer to explore methods for managing these issues. [caption id="attachment_3441" align="aligncenter" width="403"]

Source: www.thelabradorsite.com

Source: www.thelabradorsite.com[/caption] My dog’s fur drops easily. Sometimes he got patches too. Why did that happen and what should I do? There can be many possible reasons why your dog’s fur drops easily. This can include genetics, environmental or food allergens, external parasites and other causes. It is recommended to bring your dog to his veterinarian for a thorough examination.


How often should I take my pooch to take a bath? Depending on individual dog condition and lifestyle, this can be 1-2 times a week or fortnightly. What does chicken fat mean? Because most of the grain-free cookies contain chicken fat and my pup is allergic to chicken Chicken fat and other animal fats are end products of a rendering process. Theoretically, proteins are not soluble in fat. In the absence of the protein component of chicken, it is often not of concern. If you have concerns regarding whether the product is suitable for your pup, do discuss it with your vet before offering it to your pup. Do you have any more questions? Write an e-mail to us at felix@perropet.com and get your dog questions answered by us.

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